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Getting Off the Hook: Tips For Being Pulled Over

No one likes getting pulled over, but at times interactions with police are a routine part of being on the road — especially if you’re on a motorcycle. Follow these tips, and you have a much better chance of riding away with little more than a warning.

“Three Offs”

This tip, from cycle site, is all about your attitude. If you’re on your bike with the engine running and your visor down when the officer approaches you, you’ll look rude, and the officer might be on high alert, ready for you to take off. Instead, turn off the bike, take off your helmet and get off the bike. Look humble!

“Location, Location, Location”

Sometimes it’s tough to go the speed limit. When you’re on a bike, it can be tempting to crank the throttle and take a joyride. If you do, be smart about where you are. If you’re pulled over for speeding on a wide open road with good visibility and little traffic, it’s likely the officer will just leave you with a warning to slow down. But if you’re pulling wheelies at 60 mph in front of an elementary school, expect a different outcome.

“Honesty is the Best Policy”

Do not lie. If you were doing 50 mph in a 40 mph zone, be honest about it. When the officer walks up to your bike, the last thing he wants to hear is, “I have no idea why you pulled me over.” Admit you’re in the wrong, and the officer will be far more likely to go easy on you.

“Make Your Exit”

Whether the officer has written you a ticket or summons, or simply let you off with a warning, leave quietly. This is not the time for a burnout, and it is definitely not the time to speed. Make your way back into traffic carefully.

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