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The Roads Are Getting More Dangerous Every Day

There’s no question about it; early autumn is one of the very best times to be on a motorcycle. It is also, arguably, the most dangerous season for motorcyclists. As summer draws to an end, it’s important to discuss the particular hazards motorcyclists will face over the next few months.

A motorcycle ride in the fall is more beautiful than a ride any other time, thanks to the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. But those leaves also make roadways especially dangerous to even the most experienced motorcyclist.

A single layer of wet leaves on the road can make braking and steering difficult. A motorcycle uses balance and grip to stay upright on the road, and the world’s best tires still have a tough time gripping slippery, wet leaves. If your back tire hits a pile of leaves, you could fishtail, particularly on entrance and exit ramps, and when accelerating from a stop sign or red light.

Even if the leaves are dry, they pile up by the side of the road, potentially blocking things you need to see to ride safely. Leaf piles can obscure potholes, curbs, and street markings.

To ensure a safe ride during the fall months, be sure to check your tire pressure and look over your treads before setting off on a ride. Slow down well ahead of intersections, and keep close to the center of the roadway when possible, especially on residential streets where leaf piles are likely to spill over the curb.

Enjoy the perfect motorcycle weather, and the beautiful colors of autumn, but be sure the only things falling this year are the leaves.

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