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Does Motorcycle Training Reduce Accidents?

By:  Andrew S. Prince
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Comparisons of the driving records of formally trained and informally trained (untrained) riders reveal that there are massive differences in the frequency and severity of accidents between the two groups.  Trained riders have fewer accidents of all kinds and less severe motorcycle accidents. These differences suggest that when care is taken to carefully match trained and untrained riders, training is associated with a reduction in accidents.  Given that motorcycle accidents tend to be much more severe than automobile accidents, the evidence nationwide supports the use of training as a means of reducing the human and material costs of motorcycle accidents.  

Here in New Jersey, the best place to go for training, whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, is Rider Education of New Jersey.  They have multiple training locations.  Their website is and their toll-free number is (800) 893-7433.  I promise you it is worth it.  

And remember if you do have an accident, call me, Andrew Prince.  There is never a charge for a legal consultation. If you have questions about motorcycle insurance, call me.  Or better yet, email or fax me your dec page or face sheet of your motorcycle policy. In minutes I can tell you if you are properly covered.  Most people who come to me after an accident say “they have full coverage.” They do not. Find out for free what full coverage truly means. You will not regret it.  Call (800) 832-6529 or (732) 388-5454 to speak with Andrew Prince. You can also email Andrew Prince at or fax me at (732) 428-1509 

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