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Fall Is Just Around the Corner: Tips for Riding in the Cooler Months

As the summer moves ahead and riders gradually tire of the hot weather and weekend gridlock, more and more are starting to think of those precious months in between tourism season and the winter frost when they have to put their bikes away; the months where there’s a crispness to the air and nature paints its own picture with the changing of the leaves; the months where the roads are largely uninterrupted and you can ride at your leisure; the months of fall. While there are still a few precious weeks left to summer, below are some tips that can help you get a jump-start on your fall riding plans.

Predict the Unpredictable
While the fall season tends to be regarded as a milder time of year until the very end, there are bound to be some very cold days throughout and it’s important that you dress for the weather. Whatever the temperature outside, the wind chill is likely to lower that temperature for riders, so be sure to wear the appropriate clothing.

It’s also not unheard of for snow to fall in October, so be sure your bike is prepared for all possible weather conditions and use good judgment if conditions aren’t suitable for riding.

Leaves Can Be Beautiful but Deadly
We can be sure to see two things during the fall season: rain and leaves. An excess of wet leaves on the ground can create especially slippery conditions for riders. This can very easily make this time of year the “fall season” for riders in every sense of the words.

Lastly, it’s always important to remember the importance of general safety and vehicle maintenance. In order to extend the riding season for as long as possible, be prepared, stay smart and stay protected. In the unfortunate situation that you get into an accident and are injured, talk to an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

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