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Hey Girls, Don’t Just Be Along For the Bike Ride; Get Into the Driver’s Seat

Anything men can do, women can do better, right? In many cases this is true, however when it comes to riding a motorcycle, a man’s size, stature and strength may give them a bit of an advantage. If you want to ride and especially if you’ve only ever ridden on the back of a motorcycle or have never been on a bike at all, be smart.

Find an introductory rider’s course which will give you a basic understanding of how a motorcycle works, and teach you the bare bones of riding.

Various motorcycle dealerships host female-only introductory events and classes. While the skills don’t vary from what a man learns in a rider’s course, it may be more comfortable to be surrounded by other women who are also riding for the first time.

All you need to attend a course is a pair of high-topped boots with ankle support, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of gloves. If you don’t have a helmet, the folks running the course will provide one. As for the bike — well, they’ll provide that, too. You don’t need to have ever even touched a motorcycle to attend one of these courses.

Another benefit to a rider’s course is that you are likely to ride one or more different types of motorcycles with very different engines. If you haven’t yet purchased a motorcycle, this could be a huge aid in determining what kind of bike you want.

If you’re ready to get off the back pegs and into the driver’s seat, autumn is a great time to get started. Don’t forget about insurance! Contact attorney Andrew Prince to have your motorcycle insurance policy reviewed for free.