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Holiday Accident Statistics You Should Know Before You Ride

Warmer weather can encourage New Jersey motorcyclists to pull out their motorcycle for a day of riding. You might ride to your family dinner to show off your new motorcycle, or cruise downtown for some pre-Thanksgiving celebrations. Unfortunately, holiday riding combines winter weather with more people on the road, which can increase the likeliness of an accident.

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An Increase in Motorcycle Accidents

The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that the number of motorcycle accidents has not only increased, but so have the fatalities. An estimated 4,985 motorcyclists were killed in a motorcycle crash in 2018, and this number does not include the motorcyclists who were severely injured. Motorcycle accidents can also lead to other life-changing injuries, including:

Most motorcycle injures require medical care. In addition to the need for emergency medical care, motorcyclists often require rehab and ongoing medical treatment.

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Increase in Motorcycle Accidents During the Holidays

The holidays bring unique road conditions, including winter driving conditions and more drivers on the road. This, unfortunately, leads to an increase in accidents. While summer holidays tend to lead the number of motorcycle accidents, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day also have high numbers. Additionally, Thanksgiving weekend also brings its fair share of motorcycle accidents.

It is also estimated that as much as 25% of motorcycle fatalities during the winter holidays were due to drinking and driving. Drinking and driving while riding a motorcycle is just as dangerous as driving a motor vehicle. While driving under the influence leads to the same risks as when you drive another type of vehicle, the difference is that when a motorcyclist is in an accident, they are likely to have worse injuries. Motorcycles do not have the same safety features or durable body that can provide some level of protection for drivers.

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How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident This Holiday Season

There are things that you can do to avoid a motorcycle accident this holiday season, including:

  • Avoid drinking and driving: Because drinking and driving significantly increases your chances of a fatal accident, it is important to schedule other transportation ahead of time.
  • Avoid driving on dangerous roads: Winter conditions can be dangerous for motorcycle drivers. Depending on how bad it is, it may be better to find alternative transportation.
  • Ensure you have the right safety equipment: Safety equipment, including helmets and padding can protect your body from a severe injury if you are in an accident.
  • Take your time: Speeding can also increase your chances of being in a motorcycle accident. Reduce your speed, especially when driving in winter conditions.

It is also helpful to know your rights if you are ever in a motorcycle accident. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. The right lawyer will not only ensure that your legal rights are protected, but they will also help walk you through the process.

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