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How Can I Improve My Motorcycle Skills?

Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of road fatalities in New Jersey. While even the most skilled motorcyclists are at risk of a motorcycle accident, enhancing your skills can reduce your chances of an accident. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how you can improve your motorcycle skills.

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Tips For Improving Your Motorcycle Skills

  • Practice in less public areas: If you are new to motorcycling, it can be dangerous to hone in on your skills in a busy area. Instead, practice your skills on a quieter street. If possible, practice in your own neighborhood or even a parking lot.
  • Be careful with following distances: Riding too close to the vehicle in front of you is always dangerous, even when driving in a vehicle. But, it may be even riskier when you are riding on a motorcycle. Always keep a good distance between you and the driver in front of you for safety.
  • Learn to perfect the brakes: Just as you have to get used to new brakes in your car, you also need to get used to the feel of brakes on a motorcycle too. Ideally, it is better to brake lighter and longer, rather than quickly. Some motorcyclists also state that they hover over the brakes when coming up on an intersection. That split part of a second could be enough to prevent an accident.
  • Ride in a group: One of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents occurs when a vehicle driver doesn’t notice a motorcyclist. It is easier to miss a motorcyclist on busy roads unless you are in a group. If you have to travel a long distance, consider riding in a larger group, making it easier for others to notice you on the road.
  • Get comfortable on your bike: Just as you adjust your driver’s seat when getting into a vehicle, you should do the same with a motorcycle. Make sure that everything is within reach. Be sure you have a good grip on your handlebars and move things around, if needed.
  • Wear protective gear: Dressing in the right gear can also help increase your safety when riding. Be sure to wear reflective clothing, if riding at night. Be sure to also account for cold or rainy weather. Keep in mind, riding at high speeds can make it feel colder than it really is, so dressing in lawyers can be helpful.
  • Avoid competition: Whether you are riding with other motorcyclists, or you are showing off your skills to a nearby driver, competition often gets people in trouble. Focus on the road ahead and avoid going over the speed limit.

Motorcycling can be an entertaining activity, as well as a good way to get around in busy traffic areas. Reduce your risk of being in a motorcycle accident by being aware at times. Avoid distracted driving and ensure that you are wearing the right protective items. Keep up with motorcycle maintenance and wear a helmet to reduce the severity of injuries, in case you are in a motorcycle accident.

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