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How Motorcyclists Can Stay Safe

motorcyclist safety tips

If you or someone you know rides a motorcycle you’re probably aware of the risks and dangers that come with it. However, the statistics may still be surprising. As many as 4,985 people died riding motorcycles in 2018. Yet, many people still love riding motorcycles and are willing to incur the risks that come with it. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by the non-motorcyclist driver, so it’s important that every driver on the road understands motorcycle safety. Here are motorcyclist safety tips for both motorcyclists and non-motorcyclist so you can stay safe and prevent motorcycle accidents

Wearing Layers 

Motorcyclists should take every precaution when on the road, incase of an accident, to protect themselves from fatal injury. Serious motorcycle accidents can cause severe burns. Therefore, wearing extra layers of protective clothing like pants, jackets made of leather or other durable material, gloves, eye protection and boots can make a world of a difference in a crash.

Remaining Visible 

Driving at nighttime can be especially dangerous if you are in an area with poor lighting. Always use your headlights and add reflective elements to your clothing and motorcycle. You can also wear bright clothing to make yourself more visible. If you are not sure if a motorist can see you, ride in the lane that makes you most visible and honk if you need to. 

Wearing a Helmet

Motorcycle helmets lower the risk of head injury by 69% and the risk of death by almost 50%. Wear a full face helmet approved by the Department of Transportation at all times. This is one of the most important safety precautions you can take while riding a motorcycle. In an accident situation, wearing a helmet can literally mean life or death.

Be Alert 

Motorists who text and drive are a danger to cars and other motorcyclists. Be alert for motorists who are swerving into other lanes and being distracted at intersections. Motorcyclists should also be alert for potholes, train tracks, other hazards, or any obstruction in the road.


Intersections are a hotspot for all types of motor vehicle accidents. Half of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections. Beware of motorists turning left in front of you, which may cause a collision. 

Bad Weather 

Sometimes you don’t have a choice whether or not to drive in bad weather but if you do, the safer option is to stay off the road. Bad weather such as rain, snow, hail or high winds makes driving more difficult especially when you are exposed to the elements like on a motorcycle. Pack rain gear to stay comfortable and avoid distractions. 

Take a Safety Course 

Beginner motorcyclists should take a motorcycle safety course. There are online classes provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. It’s a good idea for old pro’s to take classes to refresh their memory. 

Make Room for motorists 

The bottom line is that everyone on the road must look out for one another. There are many safety precautions that motorists can take to avoid an accident. However, in most motorcycle accidents a car is involved so even if you do not drive a motorcycle, this information is still relevant to you. Take safety precautions such as using turn signals, checking your blind spot and avoiding distractions. 

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