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How Serious Is Road Rash after a Motorcycle Accident?

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Road rash is one of the most common injuries that are suffered in motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle rider can suffer road rash on any part of their body; the severity of the injury often depends on the clothing and protective gear that the rider was wearing at the time of the accident and on the type of road surface where the accident occurs. Although road rash can be treated, depending on the severity of the injury treatment for road rash can be both expensive and painful.

Types of Road Rash

There are actually several types of road rash injuries, including:

  • Avulsion: The most common type of road rash injury, which occurs when skin has been scraped or rubbed away to expose underlying tissue, including fat, muscle, tendons, ligaments, or even bone
  • Compression: Occurs when body parts are trapped between the motorcycle or another object and the road surface
  • Open wounds: Typically must be treated with stitches, or in severe cases with skin grafts

In addition to the different types of road rash injuries, injuries can also come in several degrees of severity:

  • First-degree: The most minor type of road rash, often characterized by scrapes, bruising, slight bleeding, redness, and slight burning or painful sensation. After initial medical treatment to clean the wound, first-degree road rashes are typically treated at home
  • Second-degree: Second-degree road rashes often involve exposure of underlying tissues like ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves; the victim will also experience bleeding, swelling, and a burning or radiating heat feeling. These injuries will require immediate medical attention at a hospital
  • Third-degree: The most severe type of road rash, requiring immediate medical intervention to avoid the risk of infection. Victims will experience deep wounds, significant bleeding, and exposed tissues. This degree of road rash often involves more than 10 percent of the body, and often ends with permanent scarring or disfigurement

Treating Road Rash

Treatment for road rash will depend on the type and severity of injury. Treatment can involve:

  • At the scene of the motorcycle accident, move to a safe place and call 911.
  • Do not refuse medical attention or transport to the hospital if offered by emergency medical responders; you will need to have any debris removed from your road rash wound
  • Your medical provider will also give you instructions as to how to keep the wound clean
  • Depending on the severity of the injury, you may need to undergo more significant treatment. You may require stitches to close up any wounds, or you may have to undergo surgery for skin grafts or to repair damage to underlying tendon, ligament, or muscle tissue
  • You may also need to undergo long-term wound care to ensure that the tissue heals properly
  • For extensive scarring, you may have to undergo surgery to restore physical function and mobility that is limited by scar tissue. You may also chose to undergo surgery to repair or remove scarring for aesthetic purposes
  • If a road rash injury is not properly treated, it can result in complications such as infection, necrosis, or permanent scarring

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