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How To Get a Motorcycle License in New Jersey

How To Get a Motorcycle License in New Jersey

If you’re a New Jersey resident, the process of getting your motorcycle license may vary depending on your age and driving experience. The process of getting a motorcycle license involves a permit process, a written test, practice riding, and a road test. If you have a driver license then you can get a motorcycle endorsement attached to your license and if you don’t have a driver’s license you can get an exclusive motorcycle license. 

The Basic Rider Course 

If you’re 17 or 18, you must take a Basic Rider course by an approved provider. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a course completion card and a stamped waiver form that will allow you to move on to the permit part of the process. You may only obtain a motorcycle license in New Jersey if you are above the age of 18 with a motorcycle permit or 17 years old with Basic Rider course credit and permit. 

Motorcycle Permit 

It cost $5 to get a motorcycle permit. Getting a motorcycle permit is the first step for anyone who is 18 or older who resides in New Jersey. If you already have a driver’s license you must still apply for a motorcycle permit at your local motor vehicle agency. Next, you will have to complete the vision and knowledge test. The written permit test is a 50 multiple choice question type test, based on the Driver Manual and Motorcycle Manual issued by the state of New Jersey.

Motorcycle Only License 

For adults over the age of 21 must practice riding for 3 months after their permit test before they can test for their full license. Adults who are looking for a motorcycle only license, and are under the age of 21 must practice riding for 6 months after their permit test before their road test. In this time if you receive any citations you may not take your road test. After this period of practicing with the permit ends you may take your road test. 

The Road Test

If you do not have a driver’s license and wish to get a motorcycle only license then you must practice for 3 to 6 months with the permit before you can take a road test. If you already have a driver’s license you must only wait 20 days after earning your permit to take the road test. The road test will qualify you to get your probationary license which will last for one year before receiving your full licence. 

Probationary License 

Once you successfully obtain your motorcycle permit and practice riding then you will receive your probationary license. During that one year, you are not allowed to ride after dark, on state-restricted toll roads, or with passengers. After one year, riding with the probationary license you may take you are eligible to receive your motorcycle license in New Jersey. 

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