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Importance of Motorcycle Insurance and What Coverage You Need

Importance of Motorcycle Insurance and What Coverage You Need

Motorcycle accidents can cause very serious injuries to motorcyclists.  Unfortunately, many bikers learn that they lack adequate coverage after they are seriously hurt in an accident. By being aware of the importance of motorcycle insurance and by taking steps to acquire the maximum coverage available, motorcyclists may be able to avoid some of the tragic consequences associated with motorcycle accident injuries.  

Although anyone can be injured in an automotive accident, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to be injured in an accident than individuals in a passenger vehicle. Like with other types of automotive accidents, there are a number of reasons why a motorcyclist may be injured in an automotive accident. The vast majority of accidents occur when the passenger vehicle hits the front of the motorcycle.  This may be because the driver of the passenger vehicle did not see or was not looking for motorcyclists. Many accidents occur when a passenger is making a left turn while the motorcycle is part of ongoing traffic and is going straight through an intersection.  

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, he or she may suffer from very serious injuries due to the limited amount of protection that he or she receives from clothing and a helmet. Unlike a passenger in other types of vehicles, there is no steel structure that protects the motorcyclist. Many motorcyclists suffer from traumatic brain injuries. Concussions are also common. Motorcyclists may also suffer from spinal injuries that result in paralysis.  Fractures and amputations may also occur. Road rash can occur, which occurs when the ground’s abrasiveness causes a serious encounter with the motorcyclist’s skin.  Due to the intensity of some of these injuries, treating these medical injuries can be extremely expensive.

Motorcyclists in New Jersey must purchase separate insurance to cover their motorcycles. While some individuals may only secure the necessary liability coverage required under state law, they should be able to purchase the following:

Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) Coverage

UM and UIM coverage is by far and away the most important coverage on your motorcycle policy. It provides coverage up to the policy limit in the event that the driver found to be at fault had no insurance or an insufficient amount of insurance to cover your injuries and expenses. Limits for this type of coverage must be the same as the regular liability limits you purchase. Here you cannot cheap out. You need the maximum amount you can afford.  Most motorcycle policies offer up to $250,000.  Progressive is now providing $500,000 (UM/UIM). To ride with anything less is simply foolish.  

Fifteen percent (15%) of New Jersey drivers ride with no insurance. Twenty-five percent (25%) of New Jersey drivers ride with the minimum $15,000. How are you going to be properly compensated if injured by someone with $15,000 or less coverage? Simple! Maximize your UM/UIM coverage.  

Not sure what I am talking about? Call me. Email me. There is never a charge for a motorcycle insurance consultation. In a few minutes, I can explain and direct you to the best coverage to protect you and your family from the negligent driver.  

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