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Keeping your Motorcycle Passengers Safe in NJ

Keeping your Motorcycle Passengers Safe in NJMotorcycle accidents are inherently more dangerous than other types of motor vehicle accidents because the riders are exposed to the elements, lack protective doors and are prone to being thrown off their bikes. When a large vehicle slams into a smaller bike, the damage and injuries sustained by the biker are usually much more severe than those sustained by the passengers in the car.

Keeping your Motorcycle Passengers Safe in New Jersey

Always ensure your passengers understand the importance of safety gear. Although it’s tempting, you should never offer a ride to someone who isn’t prepared with the right clothing. Shorts and open-toed shoes, for example, are hazards that can result in very severe injuries in a motorcycle crash. Never allow someone to ride on your bike without an adequate helmet. Another safety tip is to fully explain to your passenger how to lean with and line up with the driver. An inexperienced passenger’s attempt to lean away from a turn can cause even the best drivers to lose control quickly.

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These tips can help you and your passengers stay safe during motorcycle rides, but even the safest motorcycle drivers can be involved in an unforeseen accident. When you or your passenger have sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be fully financially compensated for your losses. Motorcycle accident attorney Andrew Prince is uniquely qualified to represent bikers because he is very passionate about riding bikes himself. To learn more about how his services can help you, reach out to his law firm online.

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