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Kudos to Chatham for Creating Motorcycle Parking at Train Station

Commuting to work by motorcycle has become popular, but bikers face a host of problems daily when they take to the roads to get to work. In addition to having to deal with traffic and inpatient motorists who always seem to be in a hurry, motorcyclists must navigate through all types of weather conditions with little protection from the elements.

While many parking lots have made room for bicyclists, others require bikers to take up spots that are meant for cars. And, when there are no available spots, bikers are often out of luck.

After hearing complaints about the lack of parking for motorcyclists at the Chatham Train Station in the Borough of Chatham, the Council opted to create 10 spots to be used exclusively for motorcycle and scooter parking. There are other spots designated for bikes.
by creating a separate area for motorcycles and scooters.

There are many reasons to hop on your motorcycle to get to work; two of the most important reasons are that bikers save time and money by leaving their cars at home. However, it’s important to follow some tips to make sure that you get to work safely.

Get the right gear: helmet, gloves, boots, jacket — all of these items are not only important to protect bikers from the weather but also protect the body in case of a crash. Also, experts suggest, keep extra gear at the office just in case you hit wet weather on the way into work. You know very well biker gear won’t dry out that fast. Riding home in wet boots or gloves will be a drag.

Choose the right motorcycle: If you are regularly riding through high traffic areas, choose a bike that is recommended for city driving.

Enhance your time savings: Get an EZ Pass so you don’t have to stop at toll booths.

Pay attention: You’ve probably heard that most accidents happen within five miles of your home. This is not because your neighborhood is dangerous. It’s because people tend to pay less attention on roads they know well. It’s critically important when commuting on a motorcycle, especially during rush hour, to be vigilant.

Safety first: If you are commuting on your bike more than you ever have before, you need to be checking things like tire pressure more often.

Finally, know when to say when. There is really no reason to ride your motorcycle in extremely adverse conditions. A bad storm or icy roadways is an accident waiting to happen. Don’t be a martyr; take public transportation, get a ride or take your own car when there’s snow and ice.

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