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Linden NJ Man Accused of Fleeing Police on Motorcycle, Crashing Bike into Driveway

A Linden NJ man crashed his motorcycle into a Roselle home driveway after allegedly leading law enforcement on a high-speed pursuit throughout Union County, New Jersey.

The scary situation unfolded during the late-night hours. It was nearly 2:00 a.m. when the Linden Police Department received a call about a suspicious man with a handgun walking around in the area of East Baltimore Avenue and Union Street in Linden, NJ. Linden cops were dispatched to the scene, where they came across a man walking by himself. The police officers attempted to hail the man, but he reportedly made a run for it as he spotted the cops.

The suspect allegedly hopped onto a red motorcycle and drove off. The Linden NJ police officers gave pursuit and followed the suspect through Linden and into Roselle. According to authorities, the suspect rode his motorcycle at an extremely high rate of speed and dangerously sped through numerous stop signs.

The chase eventually came to an end in the driveway of a residence located on the 1000 block of Harrison Avenue in Roselle. The suspect reportedly crashed his bike and then attempted to flee the scene on foot. The Linden police officers pulled up behind the suspect and almost immediately apprehended him in the backyard of the Roselle NJ residence.

The suspect was later identified as a 30-year-old resident of Linden, New Jersey. After being placed under arrest, he was taken to Linden police headquarters so that he could be formally charged and processed. The suspect faces numerous criminal charges, including eluding police and resisting arrest. He has also been cited for multiple traffic violations.

Sometime after capturing the suspect, Linden NJ police determined that the suspect’s motorcycle was in fact stolen. According to law enforcement, the bike had been reported as stolen out of Roselle. Moreover, the Pennsylvania license plate on the motorcycle was said to be fake. As a result, the suspect has also been charged with receiving stolen property.

It is not known whether the suspect sustained any injuries as a result of the motorcycle crash. Thankfully, no pedestrians or other motorists were injured during the high-speed motorcycle chase.

The serious nature of the criminal charges against the suspect in the case led a judge to set the suspect’s bail amount at $75,000.

For further information, check out the article, “Linden Man Flees Police on Stolen Motorcycle, Cops Say.”


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