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Motorcycle Crash Shows Dangers of Potholes

New Jersey Motorcycle Accident AttorneyIt is no secret that motorcyclists face a lot more dangers than your average motorist. Without any protective covering other than a helmet and the motorcycle gear they wear, nothing separates a motorcyclist from the pavement in the event of an accident. And while many people might think of a car hitting a motorcycle and causing an accident, many other hazards can cause a motorcycle to crash without any help from a negligent motorist.

This reality became all to clear for one rider, who recently crashed her motorcycle after hitting a mammoth-sized pothole on a ride with her boyfriend. The two motorcyclists were traveling down Route 37 in Toms River, in standard staggered formation for safety. Traveling this way gives each motorcycle room to maneuver should they need to avoid a hazard. Unfortunately, the large pothole was unavoidable and the woman rode over it, causing her motorcycle to bounce up and then go down as she could not hang on. She ended up falling right in the path of her boyfriend who narrowly swerved to avoid her, only to end up riding into the curb and crash his motorcycle. He ended up with an injury to his foot, while the woman ended up with multiple scrapes and bruises and an arm injury. She said she was lucky she was wearing her helmet as her head bounced off the pavement when she went down.

Motorcyclists Face Many Hazards Aside From Cars

Potholes are a serious problem for motorcyclists and motorists alike. While riders could end up with serious injuries or even die, motorists can face damages to their vehicles that can lead to accidents. In the case of the aforementioned motorcycle accident, the two victims ended up angry at the town responsible for the repair of the roadways. It was not just one pothole that is the problem, it is a stretch of road riddled with potholes that created the dangerous circumstances that ultimately led to the incident. Not only are the two riders dealing with injuries, but they now have to worry about the repair of their motorcycles. That means involving insurance and waiting for repairs to be completed before they can enjoy a warm weather ride again.

NJ Motorcycle Attorney Fights For You

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident, you need the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. In New Jersey, look no further than Team Law attorney Andrew Prince for help. Mr. Prince knows how accidents can cause serious emotional and financial tolls on all involved. He will make sure you recover proper compensation for your injuries, medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Contact him today at 1-800-832-6529 and begin discussing your case.

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