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Motorcycle Safety Tips

motorcycle accident lawyer clark njBy: Andrew S. Prince, Esq.

For a lot of you, there is no thrill in life quite equal to riding a motorcycle. All motorcycle riders have one interest in common, however: staying alive and in one piece. Consistently practicing certain basic motorcycle safety tips can dramatically reduce your risk of a serious motorcycle accident.

  • Wear eye protection.
  • Avoid weaving in and out of traffic in congested areas. Although lane-splitting is not specifically illegal in New Jersey, it is dangerous.
  • Keep your motorcycle well maintained, especially the tires, horn, headlights, the brake lights and the turn signals.
  • Avoid operating a motorcycle while you were drinking or if you are sleepy.
  • Do not tailgate.
  • Avoid putting yourself in a situation that requires you to brake suddenly.
  • Do not over-rely on your mirrors. Use your own eyes whenever it is safe to do so.

No matter how safely you ride, you cannot guarantee that you will not be involved in a serious accident. All you can do is minimize your risk to the point that, if an accident does happen, it almost certainly will not be your fault. If you are injured through someone else’s misconduct, however, it is time to contact a motorcycle accident attorney to help you. Insurance companies are notorious for shortchanging inadequately represented clients. With my over 25-years of full-time experience in personal injury law, I know how to navigate the complex judicial and medical systems and how to effectively negotiate with stingy insurance adjusters.

Personal Injury:

The personal injury formula is simple: A’s wrongful act + B’s physical injury = personal injury claims, as long as the wrongful act is what caused the injury. A motorcycle accident can generate a personal injury claim, so can a defective prescription drug and so can a bar fight. The thread that ties them all together is the victim’s legal right to compensation.

As a motorcycle accident claimant, you do not pay for expertise, you pay for victory. After all, if you are facing financial distress by the time you contact a motorcycle accident attorney, how much worse will it be when you have paid expensive legal bills without a verdict or settlement  to show for it? This will not happen at my firm. You will owe me precisely $0.00 in legal fees until and unless you receive compensation.

I offer aggressive, professional representation and a claim strategy that will be tailor-made to fit every nuance of your claim. I will not delegate your case to a junior associate. I handle all my cases personally. You can contact me anytime at 1-800-TEAM-LAW (800) 832-6529 or (732) 388-5454 so that we can set up a time to discuss your case. You can also email me at or fax me at (732) 428-1509. I am here to help you.

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