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Motorcyclist Killed In Night Time Collision


Without the protection that a car, truck or other motor vehicle offers, a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous in an accident. The motorcyclist has nothing to separate her or him from the hazards of the road except for the gear they wear.

In most cases, a motorcycle accident will lead to catastrophic injuries, and unfortunately, some even lead to death.

Such was the case in a recent accident in Delco where a motorcyclist collided with a motor vehicle. The two collided on the road around 7 p.m. The biker then ended up underneath the vehicle and was run over.

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene and there is still no word on what exactly caused the fatal collision.

Even without knowledge of what caused the fatal accident, this incident highlights the very real perils a motorcyclist faces on the road every day. There could have been many different reasons why the collision took place.

One of the most common causes of a motorcycle accident  at the hands of another vehicle is the simple fact that motorists tend to not be aware of motorcycles on the road. Motorcycles are much smaller and easily fall into driver’s blind spots.

Without properly checking mirrors and the area around the vehicle can lead to hitting a motorcycle. This type of motorcycle accident can happen when changing lanes or making a left turn or when a motorist fails to yield to a motorcyclist.

The latter happens all too often, especially at night when most motorists will argue that the motorcyclist was not visible or they simply did not see them on the road. But these are just excuses for the driver’s clear negligence to others on the road.

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