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Motorcyclist Sustains Serious Injuries after Crash on Garden State Parkway in Cranford, NJ

A serious motorcycle accident on the Garden State Parkway in Cranford NJ left the biker with significant physical injuries.

The scary bike crash occurred on the northbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway, near exit 137, which leads to Cranford, New Jersey. Cranford is a township located in Union County, NJ. At this time, it is unclear if the motorcycle crash victim is a resident of Cranford NJ.

What is known is that the victim suffered potentially life-threatening injuries as a result of the bike accident. Immediately after the crash, other motorists on the highway used their cell phones to dial 911 and alert law enforcement. NJ State Police troopers and emergency medical responders were subsequently dispatched to the scene of the accident. When police arrived at the crash site, they found the victim on the side of the highway and suffering from catastrophic injuries. Patrol cops requested a Medivac helicopter, which soon arrived at the scene and transported the motorcycle accident victim to a hospital.

The victim received urgent medical care at the NJ medical facility. The victim was later listed in critical condition. In the days that followed the accident, the status of the crash victim was not disclosed to the media.

Law enforcement investigated the motorcycle accident in an attempt to determine exactly what might have caused the crash. Authorities have not disclosed whether the injured motorcyclist lost control of the bike on his own or if he was struck by another vehicle on the highway.

Depending on the circumstances leading up to the motorcycle crash the injured biker may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against another negligent motorist and seek damages.

For more information, check out the article, “Life Threatening Injuries for Parkway Motorcycle Crash Victim in Cranford.”


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