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There are Options for Motorcyclists After An Accident

For motorcyclists, a motor vehicle accident can be devastating. Many times, in an accident, a car will seriously damage the motorcycle and cause severe and sometimes lifelong injuries to the rider. These accidents can be so destructive that the victim will require extensive award in damages. However, victims can receive compensation for the sustained injuries and damages. 

Different Damages 

It is possible that the victim will receive damages for medical treatment ranging from hospital bills, surgery, and physical therapy. Most motorcycle accidents will also need damages in property. Some accidents are so severe that the victim will not be able to work for some time and require award for lost wages. Depending on the extent of the accident, the victim may be awarded compensation for pain and suffering and the judge may rule punitive damages for the motor vehicle driver. 

Medical Expenses 

Unfortunately, motorcyclists can endure extreme physical injuries and impairments from an accident. Victims may need damages to cover hospital bills and other expenses. Sometimes, victims may need help covering the cost of a surgery or long-time physical therapy. If an accident affects the victims head, neck or spine they may sustain damage to their motor skills.  It is important for people without adequate health insurance to get monetary assistance to cover medical costs. It can be very difficult to live with physical injuries and impairments; however, compensation for medical expenses can relieve some of this burden.

Damaged Property 

In a motor vehicle accident, because a car is much larger than a motorcycle, it is likely that the motorcycle will be extensively if not completely destroyed. Compensation can cover the cost of repairs, reconstruction or replacement of the bike. Many times, victims cannot work while recovering so they cannot pay for the repairs themselves. 

Lost Wages 

For a time after the accident, the victim may not be able to work. Also, this may lead to unemployment if the victim loses their job while in recovery. For these reasons, it is important to pursue damages for the loss of wages. This may be discouraging but it is possible that victims can receive compensation while they are not working. 

Pain and Suffering 

Due to the extent of several damages, the judge may decide that there is enough pain and suffering to award compensation. This depends on several factors, like the extent of the damages sustained. This may also cover any physical or physiological damage that will require attention in the future. If an accident causes severe damage in all areas and will affect the future of the victim, it is possible that they will receive compensation for pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages 

In some cases, if the judge decides that the driver deserves further punishment, they might add punitive damages to the other compensations awarded. 

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