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The Real Reason Why Some Motorcycles are So Loud

If you are not a motorcycle enthusiast, there is probably one word that comes to mind more than any other when you think of bikes: loud. Motorcycles, especially those that were built in the US, have always had a reputation for being excessively loud, but rumor has it that there was a reason for this often-perceived design flaw. This interesting little tidbit might surprise and fascinate even the most knowledgeable Harley enthusiast.

Back in the day, many motorcycles didn’t have very bright lights. Night riders couldn’t be seen and this problem would cause quite a few collisions — with other vehicles and deer. Motorcycle riders quickly decided to make their engines louder than cars in hopes of alerting both people and wildlife to the fact that bikers share the road. The idea was that a loud bike would immediately direct attention to the biker which, in turn, would make car drivers give them the space they need in order to ride safely.

Nowadays, motorcycles are custom-built to have louder engines and exhaust pipes as both a style and a safety issue. The interesting thing about loud engines is that it has yet to be proven that a loud engine actually makes a motorcycle safer. Many believe that loud bikes are safer bikes, while others staunchly reject the notion and cite it as urban legend.

Either way, it’s important to note that many areas of the United States are now introducing laws regulating the decibel level of bikes. In New Jersey, there are no noise limits for motorcycles but there are statutes requiring all motorcycles to be equipped with a muffler.

While noisy motorcycles do save lives according to some folk, accidents still do happen regardless of the noise level of your engine or exhaust. Even if you do everything to avoid an accident, there are still many irresponsible drivers out there who are motorcycle blind.

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