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Review Your Member’s Health Insurance Coverage

Review Your Members Health Insurance Coverage

I represent a lot of bikers who have been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of automobile and commercial drivers.  Unfortunately, most of these accidents result in excessive medical bills.  The health insurance companies who are responsible to pay for the medical care in these cases are writing policies that limit their obligation to pay for medical treatment.

In particular, I have found that Union health insurance is becoming very limited in these cases.  If you are a member of a Union you should immediately review your medical coverage for exclusions and limitations.

If you ride you must know what coverage your health insurance provides.  If you have exclusions or significant limitations of coverage for motorcycle injuries, you need additional medical coverage.  Call me to discuss.  It is always a free conversation.  I will give you ideas on how to supplement our inadequate medical coverage.  Call me anytime at (800) 832-6529 or (732) 482-1533.  You can also email me at

I am always here for you if you have been injured in an accident.  I have recovered millions for my clients and remember there is never a charge for a consultation.