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Ride Smart: DWI and Speeding Cause Most Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle fatalities continue to rise in this country, but it doesn’t need to be that way. With proper education, motorcycle maintenance, comprehensive insurance coverage, safe road conditions and the use of a helmet, motorcycle riding can be just as safe as it is enjoyable.

According to the Federal Highway Authority, approximately 2,500 motorcyclists are involved in crashes in New Jersey every year. A large percentage of these crashes involve risk factors such as excessive speed, unendorsed riders and an over-the-limit blood alcohol level. These accidents result in about 70 deaths per year.

Here are some motorcycle accident facts:

  • Over 50 percent occur at intersections
  • Over two-thirds of all accidents occur when the vehicle’s driver does not see the motorcycle
  • Excessive speed is involved in over two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents
  • Over 22 percent of all accidents involve an inexperienced rider without a motorcycle endorsement
  • Almost half of all single vehicle motorcycle accidents occur during turns

A motorcycle is less visible, and much less stable, than a car. In addition, they lack the protection of enclosure that a car or truck has. When a motorcycle rider is involved in a crash, he or she is significantly more likely to be killed. Head injuries are very common in motorcycle accidents. Half the states in the US do not mandate helmet use. According to NJ law, however, motorcyclists must wear helmets.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, wish to have an analysis of your current motorcycle insurance coverage or would like more information on motorcycle safety courses, contact  the offices of Andrew Prince, Esq., motorcycle attorney and rider advocate.