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Tips for Your First Month of Riding a Motorcycle

Tips for Your First Month of Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable way to get around the state of New Jersey. Once you complete the training and licensure requirements to legally ride a motorcycle in the state and you have your motorcycle, it is time to get ready for your first month of riding. This first month of riding is important as it is when you will develop safety habits and routines.

Here are a few tips you can use during your first month of riding:

Tip 1: Create a Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining your motorcycle is important in not only keeping up its value but also for your safety. Whether you buy a used or new motorcycle, it can be helpful to create a maintenance schedule now. Be sure to schedule things like tire rotations and oil changes. Because you will likely have to store your vehicle during the winter months, you should also schedule maintenance in the spring.

Tip 2: Do a Pre-Trip Inspection

It is also a good idea to get into the habit of doing a pre-trip inspection before you head out on the road. This includes checking that your tires are properly inflated and that you have all the safety equipment you need. You should also check your motorcycle’s lights in case you will be driving back during the night.

Tip 3: Practice on Local Roads

If you don’t have a lot of experience riding your motorcycle, it can be helpful to start small. This means navigating your city roads and waiting to tackle things like freeways or traffic. It is also important to consider how you will get your motorcycle home from the shop. If the commute includes freeways, let someone else bring it home for you the first time.

Tip 4: Buy Your Gear Ahead of Time

Having your safety gear ahead of time will ensure you wear it the first time you take your bike out for a ride. Research the city laws in your area to ensure that you have all of the requirements. Since you are newer to riding, you may consider full safety gear. This includes your clothing, shoes, padding, and helmets. Never skimp on the quality because if you are in a motorcycle accident, you will be glad that you spent a little more.

Avoid a Motorcycle Accident This Summer

Motorcycling can be enjoyable. However, in order to have an enjoyable experience, you want to prepare for safety. This includes things like avoiding drinking and preventing distractions.

If you are in an accident, it is also important to know what to do. It can be overwhelming being in a motorcycle accident anytime, but it can be especially difficult to navigate if you are new to riding. Motorcycle accidents can lead to expensive medical bills and lost wages. There is also a good chance that your motorcycle will need repairs. There may also be a lot of questions as to who is at fault for the accident. If you are in a motorcycle accident, it can be beneficial to work with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Contact a Clifton Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Motorcycle Accident Case in New Jersey

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