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Tractor-trailer collides with motorcycle


When it comes to dangers and hazards on the road for motorcyclists, the most dangerous tend to be other motorists. Take that even further and you will find that tractor-trailers are some of the scariest vehicles to be riding next to – especially on a busy highway.

A motorcyclist found this to be all too true recently when a big rig collided with the motorcyclist on I-95. The accident between the tractor-trailer and the motorcyclists took place just after midnight.

The rider of the motorcycle was thrown from the bike after coming in contact with the big rig. He was then treated for his injuries at the scene before he was taken to a local hospital. He has been listed in stable condition since.

As proven in this recent incident, tractor-trailers can be extremely dangerous to motorcyclists on the road. It is bad enough that motorists in cars and trucks miss motorcycles on the road, but big rigs can be even more dangerous.

Big rigs have larger mirrors but tend to lose cars and trucks in their blind spots, making it doubly worse for motorcyclists. On top that, at night it might be difficult to notice a motorcycle on the road as they tend to only have one light that is centered on the bike.

In addition, because tractor-trailers are so large, they often create a different wind pattern as they are driving at high speeds. This makes it difficult for motorcyclists to travel behind them or next to them, making them eager to pass the big rigs on the road. These are instances where accidents are likely to occur, especially if the tractor-trailer is looking to change lanes.

A motorcyclist can only do so much to avoid behind hit by a moving tractor-trailer.

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