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Want to Ride a Motorcycle? First Step: Get Your Learner’s Permit

If you’ve always envied princemotorcycle riders who zip down the road, wind in their hair, this spring may be your time to stop sitting on the sidelines and get in on the fun. Whether you take a class to learn bike-riding basics, or have a pal who can show you the ropes, there are guidelines you need to follow to obtain a legal motorcycle license in New Jersey.

First things first: you need to get a learner’s permit. In New Jersey, you must be at least 17 years old to apply for a motorcycle permit. You will have to pass a vision test and a written test that proves you understand the basics of bike riding, laws of the road in New Jersey and have a good grasp of safety issues, as well.

To obtain a motorcycle permit:

  1. Get Proofed! Fill out an application (also found online or at an MVC) and present it, with your current New Jersey license (if you have one), and proof of identity.
  2. Study Up! Go to any Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Agency in the state to pick up a learner’s manual. Or, you can find the information needed to pass the written test on line. Study that material so you can pass the written test.
  3. Pay Up! Hand over $5 to fee to receive an examination permit.

Now, with a legal motorcycle permit in hand, you are ready to learn to operate a motorcycle. Once you have a permit, you must practice for at least 20 days before you can take the road test to obtain your license.

NOTE: You do not have to practice with a licensed rider in tow. The learner’s permit allows you to practice on your own to prepare for the test.

Next stop: getting your license.

Motorcycle riding is an incredibly fun activity. Obey all rules of the road and take care for your safety and the safety of others. However, even when you are paying attention and being careful, accidents do happen. Stay calm, get medical attention if necessary and call an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer who will protect your rights.

Andrew Prince, Esq. has been representing motorcycle riders who have been hurt in accidents for more than 25 years. He will work to get you compensated for your injuries so you can get well and back on the road. Contact him today for a consultation about your case.