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When it Comes to Oil Slicks, Motorcyclists Can’t Win

Mother Nature throws enough hazardous materials in the way of motorcyclists on a regular basis. Do bikers really need other jerks to amp up the dangers? Uh, no.

Case in point: Southern California, much like the gorgeous country roads of New Jersey, are winding and tree-lined and perfect for motorcyclists. Therefore, when you hear what’s been going on in SoCal recently, you just have to shake your head.

Someone, or many someones, are dumping oil into the roadways — seemingly in an effort to derail bikers and bicyclists. One particular road, Glendora Mountain Road east of Los Angeles, has been a dumping spot for fresh oil. The incidents have angered so many people that some have set up video cameras in an effort to catch the perpetrator. As seen on videos, someone in a red Surburban SUV is allegedly to blame for what appears to be malicious activity that can only cause serious injuries.

As previously noted, Mother Nature’s handiwork is enough to cause enough accidents to go around. Rainy, snowy, windy and icy conditions can wreak havoc with a motorcycle’s handling ability. Even the most experienced of drivers may be no match for black ice and wet leaves. Further, there are so many other things that can come into play creating common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Potholes
  • Falling rocks
  • Gravel
  • Uneven pavement
  • Hidden signage
  • Animals running onto the roadway
  • Debris tossed from other cars
  • Drunk drivers
  • Distracted drivers

Motorcyclists are always on high alert for hazards — wherever they ride. Recognizing that oil is a major problem for bikers is important. The best way to deal with the usual amount of oil on the roadway is to ride off center in your lane. It stands to reason that any oil dripping from a car will drip from the midline of the vehicle, onto the middle of the roadway. (One look ahead down the road will reflect a darker trail down the middle of the pavement where oil has soaked in.)

Be especially aware of the impact oil can have on a roadway after several days of no rain. Dirt and mud form with the water to create a much more slippery and hazardous driving surface for all vehicles. However, two-wheeled vehicles bear the brunt, unfortunately, of these types of hazards.

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