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When Municipal Courts Reopen

By:  Andrew S. Prince, Esq.
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Municipal Court defense, by Certification Rule 7:12-3, has been relaxed and increases ability for an attorney to appear on your behalf without you going to court.  Rule Relaxed to Remove Undue Hardship Requirement, effective March 16, 2020, without you going to court.

Defense by Affidavit or Certification Program – We go to court if you do not want to.  We go to court if you live out of area or cannot appear for court.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey order states in part:

In response to the growing public worldwide and in this state involving the COVID-19 coronovirus, the New Jersey Judiciary is implementing all possible measures to apply social distancing in current court operations consistent with the recommendation of the New Jersey Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.

Therefore, we can go to court for you while you stay at home.  Our office helps people with traffic/municipal court tickets without an attorney.  We provide representation on most New Jersey traffic cases.  Motor vehicle violations and criminal charges can cost you.  If you plead guilty by mail for almost all traffic tickets, in addition to fines, you will later receive points for three years. 

Under the New Jersey Court Rules, a New Jersey attorney can negotiate with the municipal court prosecutor to attempt to reduce points, obtain dismissal of some tickets and provide other assistance.  By reducing points and penalties you can reduce increases in your car insurance and surcharges.  An accumulation of too many points, or certain moving violations, may require you to pay expensive surcharges to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles or have your license suspended.  

Email or call us immediately if you need experienced legal representation in a traffic/municipal court matter.  Contact Andrew Prince.  He can help you.  Call (800) 832-6529 or (732) 388-5454 to speak with Andrew Prince.  You can also email Andrew Prince at or fax any questions or concerns to (732) 428-1509 

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